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Weyahead Puppies

 We often have puppies available during the spring/summer months each year. We don't do litters in winter as its too cold wet and muddy and really unfair on the puppies.

Weyahead puppies go to their new homes at 8 weeks old- they will be carefully bred & raised, vet checked, have their first vaccination, NZKC registered, regularly wormed, and well socialised.

Puppies are available on the restricted register only, unless discussed otherwise.

All Weyahead dogs are tested for CL, TNS and CEA ensuring no pups born could ever be affected by any of these problems. Only strong healthy dogs from proven lines are bred from, with no possible defects or temperament issues accepted. A great deal of thought and research goes into deciding which bitch will be mated to which dog, and we strive to improve the breed in some way with each litter.

Weyahead Kennels are planning to breed Puzzle, Zhu (daughter of Flurrie) and possibly Paua (Daughter of Ash) over the coming 2018-2019 spring/summer. These pups will be a range of colours, and will be available on the full register - endorsed 'not to be bred from', expecting typical Weyahead type pups with plenty of personality, coat, enthusiasm, type and temperament - and of course lovely looking.

Please email through the contacts page for more details, or [email protected] and make sure you give some background info on your situation and what you are looking for. Some of our lines are more active than others, so please specify if you are interested in an active family pet or something suitable for agility/obedience type training, as there is a difference ! 

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